A musician I discovered today, thnx to the new Gossip Girl episode… a musician that I believe will become overnight success after this episode and her Twitter site will have much more than 1000 followers=) She more than deserves it!=)

Fell in love with the music style and the unique voice that goes so well along…the music sounds a bit mystical and mysterious….something to listen to in a car on a long drive in the evening, where there’s only road, music and you with all your thoughts…at least the song “Home” sounds like that to me=)

Foxes is just one person – Louisa Rose Allen, remember this name!=) The Southampton-born 22 year-old followed her big sister to London the day she turned 18. She tried her hand at studying music but dropped out when she realised it wasn’t the studying part that she enjoyed. With ‘Youth’ (and its mournful b-side ‘Home’, and resulting remixes) having so far garnered over a million combined Soundcloud and YouTube plays, and 1,250 Hypemachine ‘likes’ between them, it’s unlikely she’ll be heading back to class anytime soon. Her inspiration came from strong, imaginative, female performers, from Nina Simone and Patti Smith to Kate Bush and Bat For Lashes,  it can be felt in her music, the similarity of style, even her looks are bit similar, for example to Kate Bush.

Now she returns with its eagerly awaited follow up, the Warrior EP, led by the dual-pronged attack of lead songs ‘Warrior’ and ‘White Coats’. Foxes will release the Warrior EP on 25 June via Neon Gold Records on 7-inch vinyl and digital EP.

Her music also reminds me a bit Florence and the Machine who I am huge fan off as well as all the above mentioned inspirations of her, so I am very excited to find one more artist like that!=)

The album ‘Youth’ by Foxes was downloaded on iTunes by me today and since then loudly playing on repeat in my home=) When listening to it loud  and with good speakers you truly can feel the beauty  and strenght of her music=)

Make sure to keep an eye on this young artist and support her on her music journey! I surely will=)

Check out her website, her Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to download free mp3 on her Facebook page!

And here are few videos of her music=) Enjoy!=)