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And the Giraffe….

Following the previous post about “the out of this world music”- “And The Giraffe” fits in perfectly! I know I use the word ‘love’ a lot, but I only post what I love,… Continue reading

Anne Onsøien…

My second post after long break is something that’s long long overdue, but better later than never as I always say! This is a person I wanted to share with the world the… Continue reading

And the winner is…

Finally and sadly, the X-Factor fever is done for this year, 2 out of 3 was exactly what I hoped! So I could not be more happy and excited! This post is about… Continue reading

X-Factor USA

Ok so I’m coming to the other shows finally too, but sadly, this one, from USA is highly disappointing. I actually was not willing to watch it anymore after first few episodes as… Continue reading

Nina Nesbitt…

One lucky break, given by Youtube, for one lucky girl….Once again it’s a proof, if you’re destined for something great, put yourself out there, there’s so many ways to do it nowadays… and… Continue reading

Kseniya Simonova…

Summer is coming…and summer makes me think of the beach and sand…I remember building sand castles was one of the most exciting activities on hot summer day=) Some artists take this childhood fun… Continue reading

City and Colour…

I have already mentioned this one of my favorite bands in one of my previous posts, but since I love their music so much and they have new songs out, I will mention it… Continue reading

Ben Heine…

One more artist that amazed me with it’s imagination and the use of drawing skills. He shows how life can be enriched with a pencil and simple things become magical by simply touch… Continue reading

Zach Johansen…

I think I’m in love…Über happy I found this artist!=) This is my favorite style of Art and he is brilliant at it! Introducing Portland based artist and illustrator Zachariah Johnsen. He is one… Continue reading

Fine arts…

A collection I stumbled upon today that I thought was beautiful so I’m sharing… I don’t really know much story behind it or about the artist, but you can find more of his… Continue reading

Soluna Samay…

Soluna Samay, born Soluna Samay Kettel on 27 August 1990, originally in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She is a Danish singer now. Samay will represent Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan with her entry “Should’ve Known Better”. That’s the song that I fell… Continue reading

Jakuffo…New promising artist in Europe!

I am very honored to introduce this artist from Germany, she just started making her work public and I am pleased to be the first one to write about her=) All the info… Continue reading

Caia Koopman…

Caia Koopman and her lovely ladies….One more artist who’s work I love, this time from California. As a native Californian Caia Koopman earned her B.A. in Art at UC Santa Cruz while learning… Continue reading

Sille Nilsson…

Proudly presenting one more friend of mine, a very talented young musician from Denmark!=) I met Sille (Cæcilie Mølck Nilsson) in a friends party, she was such a nice and friendly person, back… Continue reading


Adaline is a Canadian musician – she was born in Ottawa Ontario and grew up all over Ontario and moved to Vancouver when she was 15 where she spent 10 years before moving… Continue reading

Ludovic Jacqz….

  A French artist I discovered today accidentally. I was immediately fascinated by his illustrations! I really like artist who are not afraid to portray pain or weirdness in their work, I guess… Continue reading

The Best Pessimist….

The Best Pessimist – is a one-man-band project of the Ukrainian musician and composer Sergey Lunev. His music is a lovechild of genres like post-rock, ambient, idm. Piano driven atmospheric musical landscapes may… Continue reading

Natalie Dee…

One of my favorite artist, that fascinated me with the simplicity and originality of her art is Natalie Dee. I believe many of you saw her work all over internet, more then once,… Continue reading

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