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February 14th…again

Here we are again, in the month that holds one of the most hated, neglected and at the same time one of the most celebrated holidays. February was always my favorite month, for… Continue reading

Shows to add to watching list

It’s been a while since something very good new has come out in the land of TV series, at least in my opinion, so stumbling upon two new great shows made me wanna… Continue reading

Iconic Friday the 13th…

Hello my dears, here it has come again, the beautiful Friday 13th…a day when you can blame all your awkwardness and clumsiness on the day. A day when you appreciate your black cat… Continue reading

Sunday’s are like this…

This is why there hasn’t been more productive and serious posts for a while…I think the pictures speaks a thousand words=) Sunday is just the best opportunity to dig into the useless lazy… Continue reading

In case you missed it – it’s friday!

Just cause I’m excited it’s friday…=) Sincerely, S.

Looking forward for weekend…

Sincerely, S.

Army is fun!

So I was browsing the place of expressing yourself on video – youtube and I noticed how many videos there are, made by military! I guess no wonder if there are wars are… Continue reading

New shows to watch…

Among many good once I already mentioned and I haven’t mentioned YET, I discovered three new once today that I enjoyed very much, therefore I’m sharing!=) All 3 filled with great actors, the… Continue reading

Quick one after Lorax…

Another post on the go…something I felt inspired to mix up after watching the movie “Lorax“, which I liked very very much! It was funny and touching and filled with cuteness and colors,… Continue reading

Arctic Home…help the Polar Bears

 I just stumbled upon this and I really loved it, I didn’t know about Coca Cola being concerned about polar bears that much, so I really enjoyed what they did, regarding this issue.… Continue reading

A Bash of shows….

I decided to share some shows that I very much enjoy watching, so maybe it will be an great entertainment for you on your free time when you just want to shut off… Continue reading

Off Their Rockers, by Betty White

I’m sure, you all know the amazing, elegant, wonderful in all possible ways – Betty White, who is super hilarious!=) I discovered today her show, that is a pure Vitamin C doze for every… Continue reading

A song that will haunt me now for days…

Hey guys, haven’t had time to post much lately and I’m sorry…I have a long “To Blog” list with amazing amazing people and art on it, just need to get around to it,… Continue reading

Happy Easter everybody!=)

Hi everybody! I just wanna do a quick shout out, while I’m having a break between eating too much today and say HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYBODY!! May your Eggs be colorful and strong…=))… Continue reading

Steak and BJ day…

Well dear readers…I was congratulating you with Valentine’s day, with Women’s day…I guess it’s time to pay some attention to guys=) “Welcome to steak and blow job day. Simple, self explanatory and effective… Continue reading

Facts about Cats…

As always, my morning starts as well as my day ends with my furry bestie=) Adorable  creature with endless love to you just for a bowl of food=)) I was more of a… Continue reading

Original gifts…

Hey everyone! Today I want to introduce small but absolutely cute and funny gift ideas on different occasion… Found it on feeldesain.com, a place filled with cool stuff, but today these few things… Continue reading

Fabulous Ellen…

Time for some books again…and this time something to make you smile, laugh and get amused=) No one better can do that than Ellen Degeneres!=) Ellen DeGeneres is a beloved stand-up comedian, television… Continue reading


Sincerelly, S.


Sincerelly, S.