Being Celiac Vol.1…

Here’s my first post, trying to give the ultimate introduction, guide and help, for people with Celiac disease and all those who want to understand. This is all that came to my mind for now to sum up, in some parts I’m repeating myself, but the more something is read, the more it sticks in your head.

I tried to make everything as clear and as summed up as possible, and present it in the way that you can save, share, even print and have with you on the fridge or on the go.

There’s plenty more to come on this subject, as soon as I’ll be able to. Next will be more on gluten free products and companies to choose from. It all comes from my personal experience and my research, which kinda overtook my whole life basically. I hope mostly that the info I give here, will save you your time and give you enough knowledge, making you feel better, be healthier or maybe be more understanding towards someone you know who has this.

I hope you’ll like it and find it useful.