hello, I’m Sandra

it's me

“Life’s too short to fight… to be miserable… to let the bitter once change how awesome you are…”

I heard this quote on one of my favorite TV shows One Tree Hill (I love it because of the soundtrack, the quotes, the fashion…) and it got stuck in my head, I think I will have to get a tattoo of this=)

Well, my name is Sandra, I am currently residing in Denmark, but I am mixed nationalities, so I think I can call myself – citizen of the world….

I am a multimedia designer, a photographer and kinda a writer…non of the previous can be called professional level, but I get lucky quite often with good results=)  I believe as long as you do something with great love and passion, it sticks to the work that you do and it becomes affectionate even if it’s not perfect…maybe it’s naive thought’s but I’m sticking to them!=)

I can’t live without music and I am a tattoo art fan, God knows how I’ll look like when I’m old, cause I did not set a limit on tattoos that I’ll get in my life. So far I have 6, not a nice number, have to make it at least till 7 this year=).

As I mentioned in some of my posts I am an animal lover and I have two cute buddies at home now, keeping me company=)

Meet Myciushka (a.k.a Fatty) and Ellie!

I also recently started doing screen printing, on T-Shirts and bags….thats also the only thing all of my friends get as presents from now on, I think they are going not to like me soon anymore….oh well, but I enjoy the process so much=) My main focus now is on, as I say, cats that protect the environment….

I am very very interested in fashion design and luckily my mom knows how to make clothes so sometimes I get to express myself in that department to, yay=) But it’s hard when you like everything and don’t know either how to combine all of it or what to choose more specific…so therefore also my blog has many mixed in content, BUT I hope, it will be entertaining and useful place for you to visit daily (or when you get to it) and I am open for your suggestions or ideas any time=)

Nice to meet you, whoever visited this page and have a pleasant browsing!=)