For sugar cravings…

When all the candy out there, containing milk, gluten and other allergens are no longer allowed to me, I am super excited with these discoveries, to satisfy my sugar cravings! Off course fruits are amazing sugar source, both healthy and delicious and always first choice, but when I don’t feel like fruits, these are my Go To.

Try it out if you can find it in your country and enjoy!

Raw Bite



Starting from my very favorite thing, ever since discovered. This is simply super delicious and nutritious and fabulous!

Raw-Bite was established by three guys, who were brought together by fate (as they say). It was founded Denmark by Morten, Nikolaj and Rolf. They wanted a healthy and simple product, to take it with you anywhere you go. So these wonderful nut and fruit bites were created simply on the kitchen table and now they are sold in over 24 countries.

All their products are completely gluten free and dairy free, packed in very stylish and easy to open package, in exactly perfect proportions, to either kill hunger or simply enjoy as dessert. All natural, raw products, with no added sugar, what you see (on the ingredients list) is what you get, very rich taste. These amazing bars where basically the only thing keeping me alive, while I was on my trip recently and couldn’t find safe for me food, so thank you for that! Very wide variety of tastes, all fantastic. I personally can’t get enough of coconut, cashew and apple/cinnamon bites. Again – my favorite thing out there, proudly from Denmark, highest quality to enjoy.

In Denmark you can find them in Helsam, Helsemin and Naturkost.

Their website, Facebook.




Another – proudly from Denmark – product. The next best thing after Raw-Bites. I call it a cheaper version, but not in a bad way, simply it is actually better price, therefore you can eat much more of them without feeling financially guilty , and the sweetness level is much higher in these, because of their basis ingredient – dates.

Their fruit sticks are also gluten and dairy free, without any added sugar or con servants and high in fiber. Wide variety of tastes, low calorie proportions, and because it is sweet, you won’t be able to eat too much of them. My home is stashed with these and my absolute favorite tastes are blueberry, strawberry and nuts. They are as well as Raw-Bites stashed in all of my purses, for sugar emergencies when food is not available for too long.

Highly recommending these and check out their other products on their website. Instagram, Facebook.





The second dominant of my home, after Urtekram. This company is my favorite when it comes to gluten free kitchen basics, I have plenty of their flour variations (almond, coconut, peanuts) and I love love their sugar replacers! Sukrin and Sukrin icing sugar are not only gluten free but calorie free as well – yes you heard me right! I didn’t think it can be possible, but apparently it can. I do still use a lot of honey and agave or maple syrup, to sweeten up my drinks and desserts, but I use now more and more often this completely innocent and safe choice, specially when baking. Their are sweeter than normal sugar, so you use less and it last longer, plus it actually tastes better and most importantly – doesn’t end up on your body parts where it is the hardest to shed off!

The company is as well Danish, founded in 2008, started with Sukrin and later expanded under name Funktionel Mad Aps. with wide range of products to offer. They offer innovative every day products in healthier and more convenient matter. They became irreplaceable guest in my home and I highly recommend for everyone who will be able to find them.

In Denmark you can find them in Helsam and Helsemin, as well as other natural/organic product stores.

Their website, Twitter.

Mila’s Sugar Paste



Last but not least, came across this great thing by accident – Panduro Mila’s Sugar Paste! It’s completely gluten free and dairy free, comes in many colors and it’s up for your imagination what you’d like to create from it! For someone like me who is sometimes missing pure candy, despite all the replacements I already found and create myself, discovering a candy mold to be creative with, was a very happy moment. It’s delicious and fun to work with, and it can be eaten either on it’s own or enhance any of your cookie, cake etc. Another fantastic way to use it – cover with the paste fruits, like strawberries, you’ll get delicious strawberries candy.

You can find it in Panduro stores, so go to the nearest one, turn on your creativity and enjoy!

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