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WeHeartIt strikes again…

“It’s my party (or a blog) and I can cry if I want to…” When you feel like there’s so many things unsaid bothering you, but you can’t say them to the one… Continue reading

In case you missed it – it’s friday!

Just cause I’m excited it’s friday…=) Sincerely, S.

Beginning of April…

First day of April, last day of vacation…Some things came to my mind, some came from my journal, where I occasionally rhyme my feelings and thoughts, so decided to share=) I wish you… Continue reading

Posters 7…

  Sincerely, S.


Some wise words collected mostly from Batukai Grozis  (FB page), which still is my favorite place to visit daily. Decided to share, so enjoy and take whatever suits you most=) Few of these are already… Continue reading

Posters 6…

S Sincerely, S.


One small word, many big meanings…When you’re younger, being single seems like the best and most fun way to be, but as you get older, you truly start to understand the great value… Continue reading

Quick one after Lorax…

Another post on the go…something I felt inspired to mix up after watching the movie “Lorax“, which I liked very very much! It was funny and touching and filled with cuteness and colors,… Continue reading

Posters 5….

making space for positive emotions….=) “And I would stand here forever if I believed I could ever feel the same way again in time…” Sincerely, S.

Posters 4…. (monday got me)

Inspired by hard, looong and tiring monday….Can anyone relate?? P.S The wonderful sketched images are not done by me, thank you to the great artists who made them visible on Google Image Search=)… Continue reading

Have a sweet sunday….

Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your Creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your… Continue reading

Daily fashion doze….

Hey guys, I want to share something really cool with you=) It’s a person I’ve been following on Facebook for a very long time, a person with huge passion for fashion and amazing… Continue reading

Things to say….

another bash of things that popped in my head=) I hope you’ll like it…and stay tuned for more…=) Few songs of the day… 1, 2, 3 Sincerely, S.


Sincerely, S.

Things to say…

My song of the day=) Sincerely, S.

Happy International Woman’s Day dear ladies!

I was raised in a country where Woman’s day was very big and special occasion…I miss that now living in the country where they don’t celebrate pretty much anything, any occasion is just… Continue reading

The period of time…

Little something I know that some (that I know) will relate…and little something that I hope some (that I know) won’t be reading…=) Sincerely, S.  

stop expecting…

Sincerely, S.

something to think about…

Sincerely, S.

Miss you one day at the time…

  Isn’t ironic, how when you are making decision to leave someone dear in your life, you find million reasons for it…but once you do it, your smart brain shuts of and all… Continue reading

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