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And the Giraffe….

Following the previous post about “the out of this world music”- “And The Giraffe” fits in perfectly! I know I use the word ‘love’ a lot, but I only post what I love,… Continue reading

White Sea…

Introducing a project, that I hope you’ll love as much as I did! I was sold on it even before I actually heard it,  because it’s associated with M83, a French electronic/ambient group that I love… Continue reading

Great sources for free music!

Noisetrade Thousands of albums, completely free and legal. Perfect place to find not yet known artist, just waiting to be heard=) Don’t forget to tip! even smallest support can have big influence on… Continue reading

Ane Brun…

Ane Brun ( born 1976 in Molde, Norway) is an original and great artist from Sweden, that has very unique voice and interresting style of music. Ane (full last name – Brunvoll) is… Continue reading

The Piano Guys…

Our vision is to create music and videos that inspire & uplift. Whatever we do, we put our heart and souls into every note and frame… Thats the opening line on their site… Continue reading

Griffin House new album ‘Balls’

I am super duper excited to announce, that the long awaited Griffin House is back with a new album!!! A while ago I wrote about his Kickstarter project to raise money for the… Continue reading

Matthew Santos…

So it’s time to come back after long holiday break and I decided to come back with a musician new to my favorite list and the one who was my companion today=) I… Continue reading

Paul McDonald…

A man with mesmerizing smile…I think the most beautiful smile I have ever seen! I fell in love with it on the 10th season of American Idol. He actually was the reason I… Continue reading

Liam Howard a.k.a William Howard

So here’s updates on the gifted William Howard… Now it’s Liam Howard First of all, he shortened his name making it into Liam, which I have to agree sounds very cool and commercial, so… Continue reading

Elton John vs. Pnau…

Wow Elton John still got it! I just heard this duo today, on X-Factor Australia (which by the way was intense and teared me up) and fell in love immediately. The album was… Continue reading

Erin McCarley….

Accidentally came across a beautiful song today that lead me to great artists, giving me so missed new songs to my playlist=) Erin McCarley (born January 8, 1979 in Garland, Texas) is an alternative music singer-songwriter. McCarley currently… Continue reading

Nina Nesbitt…

One lucky break, given by Youtube, for one lucky girl….Once again it’s a proof, if you’re destined for something great, put yourself out there, there’s so many ways to do it nowadays… and… Continue reading

Help William Howard to get a lucky break…

If you liked the musician I introduced earlier in my blog, now is your chance to show support by backing him up on probably the most important trip of his carrier!=) It doesn’t have to… Continue reading

William Howard…+new single

Very very happy to make this post finally and introduce you to the new musician that I believe has very bright future in front of him=) William Howard (born 09/08/1990) is an 22 year old… Continue reading

She and Him…

Following the post about the cute book, I remembered something else I wanted to share. Somehow Joseph Gordon Levitt always associates in my mind with Zooey Deschanel. It might be because of the movie “500… Continue reading

Dan Robinson…

I always like to find something new…I always search for new music, new artists, new events….I also like to discover something not yet known by many and follow their progress…and most of all… Continue reading

Griffin House update!

Well, in one of my previous post I wrote about Griffin House, an artist that I love very much, having a project to raise money for his new album. I am very happy… Continue reading

Seasick Steve…

And now some music again for a change…=) My friend showed me Steve few weeks ago and I immediately became a fan, fan of music and the personality behind – this is a… Continue reading

Griffin House…and his new record!

Huge huge fan, so I was very excited to hear from Griffin about the new project, which I hope I can help happen by sharing the info!=) So here we go=) Griffin House was… Continue reading

Dani Shay…

I just couldn’t go to sleep tonight without doing this post, a post about a fantastic and mesmerizing person I just noticed very recently. I am all excited about it and therefore I… Continue reading