Monthly Archive: May, 2012

EuroStache…Coolest mustaches in Europe!

I was contacted by a guy who shared a project he is doing now and I thought it’s a very nice project that I should share=) The guy is Kyle Spraker and his… Continue reading

Tadao Cern (Tadas Černiauskas)..

Continuing the funny motion photography theme… in previous post of mine you could see distort faces of dogs, now in this post you’ll be able to see people who are not afraid to… Continue reading

Carli Davidson…

Today I stumbled upon an fantastic photographer, who’s pictures just brightened up my day=) A photographer with whom I share the love for animals and I am amazed by the work with them!=)… Continue reading

Off Their Rockers, by Betty White

I’m sure, you all know the amazing, elegant, wonderful in all possible ways – Betty White, who is super hilarious!=) I discovered today her show, that is a pure Vitamin C doze for every… Continue reading

Posters 5….

making space for positive emotions….=) “And I would stand here forever if I believed I could ever feel the same way again in time…” Sincerely, S.

Posters 4…. (monday got me)

Inspired by hard, looong and tiring monday….Can anyone relate?? P.S The wonderful sketched images are not done by me, thank you to the great artists who made them visible on Google Image Search=)… Continue reading

Josh Krajcik..

One more person, from in previous post mentioned X-Factor USA first season, a guy who shocked (in a good way) everybody when first came out on stage. When watching the moments before he… Continue reading

Chris Rene…

I think it’s about time for me finally share my love for one of two musicians who’s career I had the pleasure to witness from day one when they stepped on the stage… Continue reading

Posters 3…

Sincerely, S.

Posters 2

Sincerely, S.

Have a sweet sunday….

Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your Creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your… Continue reading

Posters 1…

Today, I was reading an article about 23 essential App’s for iPad users on page, really good article and that page is one of the pages I visit daily. Some of the… Continue reading

Simon Prades…

One more amazing artist from the style that I adore! It is absolutely fascinating how extremely detailed his work is and what a brilliant imagination he has. “HELLO, My name is Simón Prades,… Continue reading

Daily fashion doze….

Hey guys, I want to share something really cool with you=) It’s a person I’ve been following on Facebook for a very long time, a person with huge passion for fashion and amazing… Continue reading

Joni Mitchell…

Started my day with a beautiful music from legendary musician and decided I have to write about her, hoping that her music will make your day better as it does mine=) Joni Mitchell (born Roberta… Continue reading

René Mambembe and his Helvetica heroes…

Well, Helvetica is a font that recently celebrated it’s 50 years anniversary in 2007 and is basics of all type fonts. To show the appreciation to this simple but beautiful font even a… Continue reading

iPad cover charging your device using sun energy!

Well now that’s a good and environmental friendly investment I’d say!=) American electrical company Hammacher Schlemmer has developed an iPad case that lets you charge your iPad using solar power. The solar-powered case features an integrated battery… Continue reading

It’s getting hot in here…so take of all your clothes…

Well the summer is approaching, but the weather is not that warm yet sadly…so I decided to heat a bit things up! At least for all my lovely lady readers and the lovely… Continue reading