Alexi Murdoch…

Have some time before busy day will start and I begin it with one of my very favorite artist Alexi Murdoch. I decided I should share him for those who still don’t know him, maybe this will make your day nicer too as it always makes mine=)

Alexi Murdoch is a singer-songwriter born in London and raised in Scotland, Greece and France, now living in Berlin. Murdoch moved to the United States in 1992 to study at Duke University, before moving to Los Angeles, California to be with a girlfriend. After his songs appeared on the radio, he gained huge interest of L.A music industry, which Murdoch largely ignored, turning down advances from record labels and opting to release his music independently.

He self-published the EP Four Songs through independent record stores and website CD Baby in November 2002. CD Baby sold over 50,000 copies of the release, becoming the site’s all-time bestselling record.

His first album “Time Without Consequence” was met with wide critical praise, gaining him five stars with Alternative Press as well as placing him on Rolling Stone’s Top Ten Artists list. His newest release “Towards the Sun” is gathering higher praise still in both the U.S. and in Europe. PopMatters, giving the record a 9/10 calls Murdoch’s performance “hauntingly beautiful” and “heartbreakingly lovely”. Q Magazine in the U.K. give the record 4 stars with this to say: “Acoustic troubadour makes stunning second outing. Anyone who harps on about how the songwriters of today don’t match up to those of yesteryear should be directed to this remarkable second record.”

And I agree with the Q Magazine. I discovered Alexi through his song “Orange Sky” which is my one of very favorites all time. I believe I first heard it on the “O.C California” Tv series, so  it was many years ago that I fell in love with that one and was a fan of his music ever since, never being disappointed by any of his songs. Beautiful voice and style of music that really has calming down affect where you really just stop for a bit and look at the world relaxed, noticing the small details that you miss out rushing in every day routine. One more artist that manages to show the love to music and honesty of it through his work.

You judge yourself, but if you’ll like him and want more of him, visit his website, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.

Get his music on iTunes and Amazon=)

And here are some of my favorite songs of his, perfect to start the week on early monday morning=)

There are many many more of his songs, and I love all of them, so if you liked what you saw so far, you will definitely not be disappointed hearing the rest of his music=)