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X-Factor UK 1st LIVE…

  X-Factor fever continues in all 3 countries for me…sadly I see everything a day or two too late since I’m in non of those countries and have to wait for the shows… Continue reading

Griffin House…and his new record!

Huge huge fan, so I was very excited to hear from Griffin about the new project, which I hope I can help happen by sharing the info!=) So here we go=) Griffin House¬†was… Continue reading


A musician I discovered today, thnx to the new Gossip Girl episode… a musician that I believe will become overnight success after this episode and her Twitter site will have much more than… Continue reading

Cathy Heller…

Some music for you guys again=) This lady caught my attention today with beautiful lyrics of her songs and soft voice that goes along with soft melody…songs that are for a sunny day… Continue reading

inspired by today’s playlist…

Some things inspired by the songs in the valentines playlist today…something that I actually feel and it’s my way of speaking it out=) Maybe it will speak to you too…. Sincerely, S.

Happy Valentine everyone…

So here we are….the big day of capital L today…no matter what are the opinions about it, how much it’s commercial etc. I finally came to the conclusion, that this is just a… Continue reading

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