New movies…

I was browsing today through the web searching for movies and I found few that I think might be worth to be looked forward to, so here are the trailers of some upcoming movies and you judge yourself, which are good and which are just another failure on the long list of recent movie fails=)

I had presented in one of my previous posts already some upcoming movies, so I won’t be repeating myself just expanding the list a bit=)

Dark Shadows

Yes, vampyres again, but I think that no matter what kind of movie it is, if it’s with Johnny Depp, it will be brilliant, therefore I am looking very much forward for it. The trailer seems promising too, with enough wit and action and great set of actors!=)

Abraham Lincoln: The vampyre hunter

from the name I would think this is a joke, but the special effects make it look like not a bad action movie, so I will definitely give it a try once it comes out=)

Resident Evil 5: Retribution

I wish I could say, it’s getting a bit old with the Umbrella Corporation, but nope! It doesn’t…I still look very much forward seeing Milla Jovovich kicking zombies ass with stone cold (and gorgeous) face=) Maybe the last movie had a bit too much of slow motion scenes, they overdid a bit creating the dramatic moments, but still I loved it like all the once before and I’m sure this one will be no less good=) You Go Alice!=)

Men in Black 3

Oh yes yes yes! Aliens and action, good humor with brilliant actors like Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones! I just hope the little talking pug will be also included in this movie=) Looking very much forward=)

Moonrise Kingdom

Trailer looks very weird and dramatic, but intriguing=) Plus, it’s great set of actors, if Bruce Willis is in it, I will definitely watch!=)

What to expect when you’re expecting

Not a fan of babies or children, but this seems like a fun movie and with all the stars of hollywood, so I will give it a go=)

A Thousand Words

Yay Eddie Murphy! This should be fun! I believe it’s already out, so search for it to see=)

Get the Gringo

And last but not least for today, Mel Gibson and his kinda hero part in a movie=) Nice to see he still got the “powder” for some action=)


Hope it was helpful!