WeHeartIt strikes again…

“It’s my party (or a blog) and I can cry if I want to…”

When you feel like there’s so many things unsaid bothering you, but you can’t say them to the one person that you’d like to hear (even if it won’t really matter) – what do you do? Off-course you go to the internet and spill your guts to complete strangers, and somehow it does help!

These days you don’t have to try to put the words or emotions together yourself, if you’re feeling like a mess, all you have to do is go to the internet and there will be plenty of images, stories, songs etc. to speak for you and to you, and you can drown in your emotional wailing all you want….

My favorite Go To is WeHeartIt, always. Discovery of one image led to this whole post, cause you can’t stop just at one, off course not! Once you get into this emotional journey of other people feeling the same things that you do, you get addicted…but it’s quite nice waste of time=]

And despite all this mid. of wedding season all around, maybe some souls out here will feel more relatable to this….enjoy!=]

This post wouldn’t be complete without the song I’m absolutely in love with – Coldplay “Magic”. This song is uplifting and calming and best represents, well – me….Because after all this time and all that we and me have been through, I do still believe in magic…Off-course I do….