February 14th…again

Here we are again, in the month that holds one of the most hated, neglected and at the same time one of the most celebrated holidays.

February was always my favorite month, for quite many reasons, but mostly because it has my birthday in it as well as Valentines day, to which my love I already have expressed in one of previous posts. Yes it’s still a week left till that glorious day, but I feel it actually a whole month long and today, as I was doing kinda a sunday ritual of mine, browsing through weheartit.com, I found so many pictures that say what I feel or would like to feel, so I’m sharing them.

I think, Valentines day is beautiful in my head because of the days back in high school. Everything was kinda more beautiful and bigger back then, all the holidays were celebrated weather you want it or not, making you feel important and special part of shared happiness. When you grow up things change. Remember the days when you were greeted with over the top decorations when entering the school? When the love was all around you and it seemed much less complicated than through adult eyes…when you wondered if you have a secret Valentine waiting to declare his love for you…when you actually looked forward all year to tell someone something you didn’t had the guts before…remember? I do=)

I was always single on that day but it never stopped me from feeling uplifted. Getting yourself flowers is same exciting, after all it’s not about expectations and pressure on someone you love, it’s about the celebration of the feeling that supposedly makes the world go round=) On that day I love myself and the world more than any other day and it’s ok if it’s just for a day, it would bee too hard to keep up the love level all year…=)

Maybe someday my Valentine miracle will happen and I will actually see the other side of it, the one where you get flowers from another person and not yourself…and no matter how impossible that seems at the moment, no matter how  “George Cloonish”I’ve become – I’ll always always be eternal romantic and believer in Love…=)

Now, the gallery…enjoy!=)