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Beginning of April…

First day of April, last day of vacation…Some things came to my mind, some came from my journal, where I occasionally rhyme my feelings and thoughts, so decided to share=) I wish you… Continue reading

There, I said it…

Some honesty through cuteness…;) Sincerely, S.    

Something for sunday…

Sunday is always my favorite day, even though sunday afternoon is my least favorite time…it’s like all the sadness of the week and anxienty about the week to come gathers in one place… Continue reading

Quick one after Lorax…

Another post on the go…something I felt inspired to mix up after watching the movie “Lorax“, which I liked very very much! It was funny and touching and filled with cuteness and colors,… Continue reading

Arctic Home…help the Polar Bears

 I just stumbled upon this and I really loved it, I didn’t know about Coca Cola being concerned about polar bears that much, so I really enjoyed what they did, regarding this issue.… Continue reading

Happy Easter everybody!=)

Hi everybody! I just wanna do a quick shout out, while I’m having a break between eating too much today and say HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYBODY!! May your Eggs be colorful and strong…=))… Continue reading

Original gifts…

Hey everyone! Today I want to introduce small but absolutely cute and funny gift ideas on different occasion… Found it on feeldesain.com, a place filled with cool stuff, but today these few things… Continue reading

Cat…I’m a kitty cat…

“Cat! I’m a kitty cat…and I miau miau miau and miau miau miau…” Very annoyingly sticking in your head song=)) It also reminded me of some old photos of a friends cats that… Continue reading

Kitty in the sun…

Sincerely, S.

loves of my life…and a cake!

Small things that give me big happiness…=) Sincerely, S.

Maria Rubinke…

Maria Rubinke…memorable name and definitely definitely memorable art! This is something very scary and mesmerizing at the same time…If you are not comfortable with blood, maybe you should not go to her exhibition,… Continue reading


Sincerelly, S.

I don’t smile…

Sincerelly, S.

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