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Movies to be very excited about…

Without too much talking, simply here’s a loooong list of movies, to look forward to or hurry to the cinema while they’re on, enjoy!=) P.S first one, personally for me, is the most… Continue reading


It’s my pleasure to finally get around to writing about a fantastic, incredibly fantastic artist duo, who’s work I’ve been admiring for years now…They are quite well known, but I wanted to show… Continue reading

Anne Onsøien…

My second post after long break is something that’s long long overdue, but better later than never as I always say! This is a person I wanted to share with the world the… Continue reading

Instant Lab…

Wow, this project not so long ago seemed to be just a “wishful thinking”, but apparently nowadays, really nothing is impossible, specially with programs like Kickstarter, which help brave and futuristic projects become… Continue reading

Few favorites from Bodyshop…

I loooove Bodyshop, have been loyal costumer for many years. Became a fan after hearing it’s story and that they are against testing on animals, but besides all their good work making life… Continue reading

Tadao Cern (Tadas Černiauskas)..

Continuing the funny motion photography theme… in previous post of mine you could see distort faces of dogs, now in this post you’ll be able to see people who are not afraid to… Continue reading

Off Their Rockers, by Betty White

I’m sure, you all know the amazing, elegant, wonderful in all possible ways – Betty White, who is super hilarious!=) I discovered today her show, that is a pure Vitamin C doze for every… Continue reading

iPad cover charging your device using sun energy!

Well now that’s a good and environmental friendly investment I’d say!=) American electrical company Hammacher Schlemmer has developed an iPad case that lets you charge your iPad using solar power. The solar-powered case features an integrated battery… Continue reading


Introducing a singer from Iceland – Sóley. Sóley from Iceland is a member of the indie-collective Seabear. She also studied composition and is a passionate piano player and singer. In 2010 she released her… Continue reading


A musician I discovered today, thnx to the new Gossip Girl episode… a musician that I believe will become overnight success after this episode and her Twitter site will have much more than… Continue reading

“Project Glass” – by Google…

Wow now this would be cool! Good Job Google=) I didn’t know you do that…but yay for you that you do!=) Google gave us a glimpse of the future on Wednesday with the unveiling… Continue reading

Exciting mobile experience!

Came across this today and was absolutely fascinated! Can you imagine, that this match box look like product is actually a phone! When reading through concept and watching a video it was quite… Continue reading

Missing, with Ashley Judd…

Truly excited presenting this new Tv Show that came out recently=) With very few good movies or Tv Shows coming out for quite a while now, first Touch was giving me hope that… Continue reading

Russ Mills…

Amazing amazing illustrations by Russ Mills…I am soooo excited to share, I’m a huge fan now!=) RUSS MILLS was born on 1971 in Exeter, Devon. UK Graduated from Leeds Met University in 1995… Continue reading

A Gifted Man…

I discovered today, while searching what to “have” with my breakfast, a TV Show called “A Gifted Man” and honestly, I don’t know how I could have not seen it before…I am only… Continue reading

Movies I’m looking forward to in 2012…

March 2nd – Website March 2nd – Website March 9th – Website March 30th – Website April 6th – Website (classics=]] ) April 16th – Website (mmm Channing Tatum…) April 27th in 3D – Website June… Continue reading

The Oscars are coming!

84th Annual Academy Awards, February 26th, 2012! I’m super duper excited=) For all those, who by some (weird) reason don’t know what Oscars are, here is small introduction… The Academy Awards ceremony, hosted by the Academy… Continue reading

Jakuffo…New promising artist in Europe!

I am very honored to introduce this artist from Germany, she just started making her work public and I am pleased to be the first one to write about her=) All the info… Continue reading

Word Pillows…

One more very nice gift idea or home decoration idea…Need some LOVE? maybe a SMILE? ASPIRATION? Well, you can sleep on them=) Something that I believe will brighten up any home and any once… Continue reading

Society 6…

If you remember, in one of my posts I presented a brilliant artist Ludovic Jacqz. Well here is a bit more of brilliant artists for you to get their work or simply inspiration….… Continue reading

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