UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied…

Finally, something for all the mystery lovers=) Presenting a documentary, that I have in my collection and enjoyed very much!

“Somewhere in the back of your mind, you’ve always known it was true…” – Yep yep, I did, not even in the back of my head=) And this movie is around an hour and 35min of proof, that not only we are not alone, but also frequently visited=)

This is a great documentary from Jose Escamilla tackling a controversial subject using well structured planning, depth, and research with intriguing insight. This documentary is worth a watch as it is as good quality, if not better than most of those you will watch on Discovery, National Georgraphic etc,.

There is also second part “Moon Rising” which explores the secrets of the moon and what is hidden from us, for example, that the moon is actually in colors! And the same director produced another documentary “Lunar”, the name says basically it all…I suggest strongly for all the UFO enthusiast to watch all of these documentaries and you can later on amaze your friends with the many stories you’ll get out of this…they might not be your friends afterwards though, so choose to whom you tell this=)) Anyway, for all the same minded, this will be a hot discussion subject=)

You can watch this movie online for free here or find it on youtube.

And here is a small preview of the first the second and the Lunar movie, I hope you enjoy it!=)