Great sources for free music!


Thousands of albums, completely free and legal. Perfect place to find not yet known artist, just waiting to be heard=) Don’t forget to tip! even smallest support can have big influence on the artist you enjoy=)

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Best remixes and mashup’s. My favorite part is the very easy and simple playing of songs on the site, and on the App. Get the App and enjoy the music on your phone or iPad or whatever other source, favorite songs, share, have random playlist shuffle through and discover artists you had no idea are out there yet=)

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Band of the day App

Perfect Appto explore new musician every day, o multiple musicians. Very delicious and easy design, functionality and style. One of my favorite Apps ever! You have to try it out=)

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One more App I absolutely can’t imagine not having, am using it on daily basis for years now. Best way to find out what song it is when you hear something you like, on radio or Tv or wherever (even if its through the wall from neighbors party). It finds almost everything and even if you got to record it for few seconds. Also filled with suggestions daily of new music, great presenting of lyrics to sing along while a song is on, and shows you all the places where to find your song. Favorite, save it when on the go and get the song when you have the time. A must have for all music lovers!=)

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TuneIn radio

Last but not least, when I’m undecided what I want to hear, I let the universe choose it for me, by turning on a radio. This App is my favorite radio source, I use it on my smart TV, on my phone and my iPad. My favorite radio so far is one from my home country, it’s student radio from one of the universities – VDU Radio. It plays wonderful remixes non stop and the talking is very minimum and on weekends non at all. But this App has unbelievable range of choices and is very easy to use. It also has sleep timer and alarm clock, and can be turned into great nightstand clock through the night. Try it out and enjoy=)

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and something light from IndieShuffle to enjoy=)