Caia Koopman…

Caia Koopman and her lovely ladies….One more artist who’s work I love, this time from California.

As a native Californian Caia Koopman earned her B.A. in Art at UC Santa Cruz while learning to skate pools, ramps, and Derby parks. Her Skating led to skateboard graphics and her first limited edition team t-shirt design for a local skateboard company.

Caia’s paintings tend to incorporate the connectivity between people and the environment, often including birds, bugs, snakes and flowers.  Caia is inspired by beauty, color, dreams, nature, politics, and life.

Caia’s grandmother was an great artist that was drawing with her all the time so Caia got the love for art. She almost majored in math, but she enjoyed her art classes so much that she switched. Besides skateboarding, she was also doing snowboarding and that’s where her career began, by doing graphic design on snowboards and T-shirts. When she was little her parents were taking her to as many exhibitions as possible so she grew up in sired by mani different artists but her biggest inspiration comes from her surroundings and the things she loves to do, like snowboarding. To snowboard on her own piece of graphic design is another expression of herself and artist like to express themselves in as many ways as possible…

I think her work is amazing, if you want to see more work of her and learn more about this wild talent, visit her website, her online store or another  store,  follow her on Facebook page.

Here is a small video (sadly in french) of exposition of her work, enjoy!=)