New shows…

I just discovered today some of upcoming TV shows and they seemed for me intriguing enough to share=) Maybe this will give you something to look forward or maybe disappoint that no one knows anymore how to create a good show, or actually a movie (haven’t see many good once lately)…

Anyway, check it out and please share your thoughts, what you think about them? And if someone will watch them you’d be also very welcome to report back!=)

I personally would be most interested in Awake…and probably the River=)



“Awake” is an intriguing drama about a detective (Jason Isaacs, “Harry Potter,” “Brotherhood”) who finds he is leading an arduous double life that defies reality. Premier 1st of March, but preview of full episode, can be seen on hulu in USA already now, so if anyone is from there, you are lucky!

(The song in this trailer is by Cinematic Orchestra – To build a Home, it’s now in my favorites list=] )

The Alcatraz

(Out since January)

For the longest time, ever since the prison facility closed down and the remaining hard-core loner prisoners had been evacuated in a final transport, none of the visitors of the small island of Alcatraz seemed to give a thought to their common final fate.

The River

The beloved host of The Undiscovered Country, which brought the wonder and magic of the natural world into our homes for so many years, has disappeared in the wilds of the Amazon. Gone for six months now—and believed by many to be dead—his emergency beacon went off two weeks ago. Now Dr. Cole’s wife has begun the search for her husband.