FUN. …

We worked so hard on this album. I mean, I (Jack) literally almost died making it.not joking.all your support means the WORLD to the 3 of us”

That’s what this great band Tweetet recently…I thought its so sincere and lovely, showing such dedication and greatfulness for supporters=)

FUN is and american indie pop rock band based in New York and formed by Nate Ruess (lead vocals), Andrew Dost (vocals, piano, guitars and keyboards among others) and Jack Antonoff (guitars and trumpet).

Nate Ruess was in The Format band. After the 2008 breakup of The Format, Ruess left Arizona to develop his career in New York City. I used to love The Format, so when I’ve heard FUN I recognized the same voice and that’s so great about Nate, his voice is easy to recognize, you always know who’s song you are listening to.

Ruess then formed Fun with Andrew Dost of Anathallo and Jack Antonoff of Steel Train. Fun recorded their debut album, Aim and Ignite in August 2009 with producer Steven McDonald and arranger Roger Joseph Manning, Jr., the former keyboardist of Jellyfish.

Fun made its first single, “Benson Hedges”. In addition, the band announced that if Fun’s Facebook page reached 40,000 fans by December 1, a new Christmas single, “Believe in Me,” would be released for free download. This goal was met, and Fun did indeed release the single for free.

In February 2010, Fun supported Jack’s Mannequin on their headline tour, along with Vedera which was followed by their first UK appearances in March. Their current touring band also includes Rob Kroehler, Emily Moore, Nate Harold, and Jon “Jonny Thunder” Goldstein.

In April 2010, Fun supported Paramore’s headline tour. Other support for the tour includes Relient K and Harriet Ellis of Summer Beats hosted by Sprint Mobile. The band then embarked on a full UK tour in May.

In September 2011, Fun announced they would support Janelle Monáe on The Campus Consciousness Tour. The band is well known for its hit single “We Are Young”, featuring Janelle Monáe, which was also covered by the cast of the TV show Glee in its 3rd season. This song is when I noticed them for the first time and followed this great band ever since.

If you don’t have their music yet, I think you should get it…It’s a great melody with fun lyrics and really cool personalities in the band=) And if you’ll like them I also suggest to look into The Format, even though they no longer exist, their music will always exist in my  playlists=)

To look up more about the band visit their website, where you can also get the preview of their newest album “Some Nights”. Follow them on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Get some cool stuff of their in the store.

Now, let’s get to the music! From their newest album, even though I liked all the songs, two are clearly standing out for me, “Carry on” (that suits very well with my previous post “Missing you one day at the time”) and “We are young” – I love them=)

So here are those two and one of my favorite song from the former band The Format. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do=)