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Shows to add to watching list

It’s been a while since something very good new has come out in the land of TV series, at least in my opinion, so stumbling upon two new great shows made me wanna… Continue reading

Tadao Cern (Tadas Černiauskas)..

Continuing the funny motion photography theme… in previous post of mine you could see distort faces of dogs, now in this post you’ll be able to see people who are not afraid to… Continue reading

Ben Heine…

One more artist that amazed me with it’s imagination and the use of drawing skills. He shows how life can be enriched with a pencil and simple things become magical by simply touch… Continue reading

FUN. …

“We worked so hard on this album. I mean, I (Jack) literally almost died making it.not joking.all your support means the WORLD to the 3 of us” That’s what this great band Tweetet… Continue reading

Word Pillows…

One more very nice gift idea or home decoration idea…Need some LOVE? maybe a SMILE? ASPIRATION? Well, you can sleep on them=) Something that I believe will brighten up any home and any once… Continue reading

V day’s special…

Sincerely, S.

pleasure up…

Sincerelly, S.


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