Turf aka Retro…

Oh you gotta love Youtube, for so many reasons… but today I’m loving it for throwing at me randomly a video that some “higher power” pushed me to watch and I discovered something amazing that I had to share…That something amazing was a street dancer from California, that is obviously boneless, I can’t find other explanation for how he does the unbelievable things he does…

Alonzo Jones aka Turf (aka Retro) got noticed when he came to America’s Got Talent. What one can learn from shows like these and all the once similar, that there’s seems more than the earth itself talent out there, and it’s all simple people, that you might have encountered in your daily life and haven’t paid any attention, until later, one day, they blow your mind on one of the reality shows. But what differentiates one talent from another, in my opinion, is the soul and desire behind. There are many talents out there, but some just capture you and they become unforgettable. Turf is one of those unforgettable once and also great example of how the same talent but different souls behind, capture you (that can be seen in his dance of with Stepz, a street dancer from New York).

Turf graduated from high school and decided he wants to pursue his dancing, but his mother instead of supporting him, kicked him out. He was homeless for two years, simply performing on the streets and living out of it. He breaths and lives dancing, doing performances during day and then during night till sun comes out, practices and improves his skills. He hasn’t been talking to his mother ever since, but it would be no wonder if she would reach out now after seeing him succeed in something that she punished him for and not encouraged. I believe that performance on the streets was a necessary journey for him to come to today and become who he is. The undying determination and strength is encouraging, it inspires to reach your dreams despite situations that might seem desperate. It also gives him the understanding of value of things in life, I believe he will never take for granted whatever will come after this show and whatever it will be I HOPE it’s gonna be fantastic, because I can’t imagine anyone else deserving it more.

Some of the judges said he is putting most pain and work on that stage showing how badly he wants this, this is his lucky break time! He captured my heart, with his humble and beautiful personality, and off course most of all with the scary, painful to watch but captivating skills.He just somehow has this spark that makes you cheer for him. Unfortunately he didn’t make it to the finals on AGT, but as history showed so many times, you don’t have to be a winner to win. I definitely believe he is going to have amazing life changes and won’t be forgotten and hopefully this post will help with that too….If there’s gonna be more Step Up movies, he should be in them! You Go Turf! You have my support=)

Follow Turf on Twitter and Youtube and incase you see him on the street, tip well please, it will be the cheapest show for you before he becomes a mega star and your tip might be that small additional help he needed to get there=)

And here’s what he can do….enjoy!=)