Mary Ellen Johnson…

How badly you crave for something sweet now after seeing this image??=) For me who is sworn sweet tooth this is huge joy for the eyes…and it’s made by one magnificent artist – Mary Ellen Johnson. I’m not saying photographer, because this is not photos! I couldn’t believe when I discovered these are paintings! They look unbelievably photorealistic… I have no idea how it’s possible to paint so realistically, but apparently it is very much possible!

Mary Ellen Johnson (born 6th of October, 1967) raised in New Jersey, currently resides in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina. The challenge of finding something to paint each day led to painting everyday objects—including food—which slowly evolved over time to become the primary focus of her daily painting blog.

As an artist and blogger, Mary Ellen enjoys the connection she creates with readers and their cravings for her subject matter. And of course, each painting is not only tasty, but incorporates skilled oil painting techniques.

Mary Ellen Johnson prepares most of all the subjects she paints, and uses real food. For the American artist size matters.

“I make the panels large to give a monumental feeling to the painting when viewed. These large images not only confront the viewer with their size, but with their tremendous sense of extravagance. The dripping syrup, mounds of cream, lusciously ripe fruit, and huge serving portions…

My work explores the deep connection that food has with humanity. I find the subtle and yet not so subtle power it possesses fascinating. My paintings delve into the complicated and curious relationship that we have developed with food throughout our existence.”

Ability to capture light is definitely one of Mary Ellen’s strengths and by choosing a black background, she helps the viewer completely focus on the image essence.

I am fascinated by this artists both because of the subject matter and because of how unbelievably highly professional the paintings are made…it’s still hard for me to believe these are oil paintings and not photos!=) Oh and if she’s really cooking all that she makes, I would love to be a neighbor/friend who would take care of the food after it’s not posing anymore=)) I hope there will be book of recipes by Mary, so everyone who is chocking on their own saliva while watching the paintings could later on try out what looked so delicious on painting=)

Her work is something to follow and look forward for updates, specially when you need an inspiration in kitchen or if you simply want to drool a bit on exploring delicious pieces of work=)

To see more of Mary Ellen, visit her website and her Blog. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Here are some pieces of her work for mouth-watering effect, so be prepared and be ready to attack your kitchen or nearest food place, because I am absolutely sure, these images won’t leave anyone unaffected!=)


And here’s Mary herself=)