Tadao Cern (Tadas Černiauskas)..

Continuing the funny motion photography theme… in previous post of mine you could see distort faces of dogs, now in this post you’ll be able to see people who are not afraid to look scary=)

You most likely have heard about this photographer already, since lately after a crazy experiment of his he became quite huge and all the magazines and newspapers are full of his name, and he deserves it!

I’m proudly presenting a architect turned photographer, from my home country Lithuania – Tadao Cern (aka original name Tadas Cerniauskas).

I really admire this person for taking a brave turn in life to follow his passion. As he himself says, at some point he figured out there are much more exciting things in the world, so much that hasn’t been seen yet, so he stopped being an architect became wedding photographer and later started traveling around the world with different photography projects.

Although he has done many interesting shoots, the latest called “Blow Job” was the one to call the huge stir. Tadas decided to make something different and fun, something daring, so he decided to blow people’s faces off and catch their most disturbing expressions. Not everyone is brave enough to go through that but amazingly there was much more volunteers than expected and the photo session got expanded to a second round! =)  Look forward for another bunch of deformed faces coming your way! And if you are interested in participating, contact the photographer=)

To read more about Tadao and his project, as well as explore full gallery of his work, visit his home page and his wedding photography page. Also like him on Facebook and check his work on Behance.

And here are the images from his “Blow Job”, enjoy!=)