End Willows…

Introducing you amazing tattoo artist and very dear friend of mine Endijs!

This young artist comes from Latvia and is currently residing in Denmark, Odense, where he has his own shop Elektrisk Tatovering.

Started doing tattoos from age 14 (God I hope I remember right!), quite young, but once you have passion for something, it’s easy to become great at it, and he is great at making tatoos=)

He is more into old school tattoos and is picky on which tattoos he makes, which I think is good, since he stays true to him and his art. Man of few words….but he can play guitar very well! =)

I trust my tattoos only on him….

Now he became “traveling frog”, going all around the world and collaborating with tattoo salons all over the globe. So if you’ll like his work, watch out so you wouldn’t miss, he might come to your city some time soon!=)

Follow Endijs work on his blog and Facebook.

And here is a video of one of his works, enjoy=)