Nicolas Fuhr…

This time I am presenting an artist that I admire for a long time now without knowing who he actually is, until recently….

Nicolas Fuhr is an graphic designer, from Denmark, age 29. Currently he lives in Netherlands, Amsterdam and runs Fuhrs Designbureu.

A postcard of his work is at my nightstand and gave me so much inspiration and ideas, when working on my creations, specially for T-Shirt printings.

One of the most inspiring to me image (for some or many reasons) is this print. I never get tired of it.

Its funny how I thought that all the art work that I admire so much is done by big company with a bunch of artists… but no! It’s all by one young person, with whom I actually have friends in common! Maybe one day I’ll meet him, actually would be an honor because I truly admire his work…

I suggest you to check out more his work on his website and this page. You can purchase his amazing art at Colour Rain website.


Truly excited every time I see his work, I hope you’ll enjoy it too=)