It’s my pleasure to finally get around to writing about a fantastic, incredibly fantastic artist duo, who’s work I’ve been admiring for years now…They are quite well known, but I wanted to show my appreciation of their work and maybe reach those who still didn’t know about these two beautiful people who create beautiful things – SupaKitch and Koralie.

SupaKitch and Koralie was a match made in artistic heaven I’d say…they were both creative souls since childhood, doing everything they can to express themselves creatively, from drawing to graffity, sewing, cutting, sketching. Later that lead to SupaKitch studying Graphic Art and Koralie – Architecture.

When they met it was love at first sight, and their mutual love to art created the label – Metroplastique. It’s a label representing great personalities and incredible experiences of life.

They have exhibitions all over the world and no strangers being guests in very well known galleries. from Taiwan to New York, Paris to LA, Pekin to Gutenberg, Mexico to Miami, they share their beautiful colorful, lively art. Hopefully they’ll also visit someday Denmark’s Brandt’s museum so I could see their work up close.

I am amazed how detailed and colorful and how creative each of their work is. The creatures they create are so adorable and unique, something to remember and to update your own imagination. I am absolutely in love with their work and it was love at first sight too. Watching their videos it seems like it’s so simple to create all those masterpieces, you can truly feel the passion and love they put in. They are truly something incredible and hopefully some of their art I’ll have one day too, either on my skin or in any other form.

Read more of their story that is so beautifully written here.  Also visit their Facebook, Twitter, their shop, and  TumBlr. Koralie’s FacebookSupaKitch Facebook.

Now here’s some of their amazing work, enjoy!


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