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anne onsoien

My second post after long break is something that’s long long overdue, but better later than never as I always say! This is a person I wanted to share with the world the minute I discovered her, but somehow always felt hesitant and now I actually figured out why. I always thought I need to prepare better and need more time to do it properly. But no time would be enough. Everything I write on this blog is about what I admire, but certain times, a person or something comes along that just is hard to describe in words, because it means more. Anne is a person like that. It’s truly funny and weird how sometimes you can feel so close and related to a person you haven’t even met, but it happens. Sometimes you find familiar soul in the most unexpected places and it is amazing feeling to know there’s someone similar to you out there who goes through similar things, overcomes similar obstacles…that’s inspiring. I feel very thankful to this little creative space of mine on the internet mostly because of the people I get to know through it, all those creative souls out there. But most of all I am very thankful for Anne.

So before I start introducing her to you, I just want to say Big Thank you to Anne, for all those unexpected and right on time moments of giving me encouragement or simply for remembering me…what you accomplished and what you are, inspires me to remember more often who I am and that I am allowed to be me…it inspires me to not be affraid of my dreams and shows that they are more than possible to become true…for all that, for being a friend dear to my heart, simply for not forgetting me, when the rest of the world seems to do that, I will be forever thankful and hopefully one fine day I’ll get to say that to you in person, maybe over that carrot cake and wine in your new place=)

Anne Onsøien is a dreamer & designer, originally from Norway, but for around 4 years living in Portugal now. She has a background in Graphic Design, The Travel Business and a Bachelor in Interior Architecture. Moving to Portugal gave her the love of her life, two cats and her dream come true of pursuing her creative skills, actually making carrier out of it.

She has a Blog, where she writes about her adventures of life and shares her creative ideas. The blog is filled with warmth, magic and kindness and that’s how she is as a person. Her bigger than life heart radiates in everything she does, that’s why it’s so easy to get fascinated by this person and want to become a friend.

She expresses her creativity on everyday products and interior, also wallprints for framing, hand-paintings, bedspreads etc…something new is coming up constantly as the creativity has no limits. What I like about her work, it’s simple, playful and really mood uplifting.

She uses all kinds of different styles in paintings, all from illustrations, collages, ink, to calligraphy brushes and also sometimes goes digital. Had more than one exhibition and is planing to expand the sales of her art all over the world.

Her most recent project, is one I am bit jealous about but also very happy for her. Something very similar was on my mind for quite a while now and she actually made it happen! In my this new years resolutions one of the points was starting working on this idea, but it’s a big and hard journey to go through, specially alone, so finding out Anne succeeded was the right push to have more courage and believe I might actually achieve my dream. Anne is opening a bar! A peaceful place in the world where it will be crisis free, filled with art, music, wine and tapas. That’s a place I would go to, definitely, hopefully I will, soon, after all, Portugal is just a plane ride away=)

Her mission and vision is to spread smiles and spark passion. She hopes to inspire people, specially children. She wants to show them and the rest of the world thats it’s good to dream, in fact, it’s essential part of life I’d say. She creates mostly for children, but I think her art is for everyone. Everyone has an inner child and I think the more often we would remember that child, the more beautiful and easier our life would be.

So, if you’re lacking a smile, inspiration or some encouragement, just visit Anne’s page and Enjoy Her Design=)

Visit her websiteBlog, Facebook, Twitter, Shop.

Here’s only some of her work, enjoy=)

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And a song, I thought somehow fits, for Anne – never ever be anyone but you=)