Sille Nilsson…

Proudly presenting one more friend of mine, a very talented young musician from Denmark!=)

I met Sille (Cæcilie Mølck Nilsson) in a friends party, she was such a nice and friendly person, back then only trying to decide what kind of music she wants to record. I honestly did not expect her to be this good actually….but she was so passionate and happy about her music I became a fan even without having heard it yet=)

Sille is working on her first album at the moment, and already has quite big fan base, I’m hoping after my post here, it will become even bigger=)

She writes her songs herself, sometimes with a collaboration with her father, who is also in the band playing guitar, sometimes singing. The band also has Sille’s brother and two dear friends in it. The cozy friendly atmosphere is also felt in the performances alongside her gentle singing=)

Sille is truly talented, so watch out world, Sille is coming with her beautiful music!=)

To find out more about Sille, find her on her websiteMySpace and Facebook page.

Here are few songs from her upcoming album=)