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Clock Opera…

Some music for you guys…Fresh and  very much worth attention music group! Clock Opera is a 4 people group, determined in their own special cut-up way to remind listeners even in a world over-filled… Continue reading

Music doze for the day…

Few more sets, that hopefully will cheer you up through the day…It’s magical day, an extra day of Leap year…good things happen during it and I really wish you all many magical and… Continue reading

Randy Charles music….

I sadly don’t really have that much time recently posting as much as I want, but I do have veeeeryyy long list of things coming up and trust me , you should be… Continue reading

The Best Pessimist new album!

Good news for all those, who are now fans of the young artist from Ukraine, that I introduced to in one of my posts…His new album is coming out in March! You can… Continue reading