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The period of time…

Little something I know that some (that I know) will relate…and little something that I hope some (that I know) won’t be reading…=) Sincerely, S.  

Songs close to my heart today…

So today I am dealing with hangover and sentiments…I think it finally starts sinking in that one part of my life came to an end and it’s not happily ever after…and all I… Continue reading

Miss you one day at the time…

  Isn’t ironic, how when you are making decision to leave someone dear in your life, you find million reasons for it…but once you do it, your smart brain shuts of and all… Continue reading

inspired by today’s playlist…

Some things inspired by the songs in the valentines playlist today…something that I actually feel and it’s my way of speaking it out=) Maybe it will speak to you too…. Sincerely, S.

loves of my life…and a cake!

Small things that give me big happiness…=) Sincerely, S.

Happy Valentine everyone…

So here we are….the big day of capital L today…no matter what are the opinions about it, how much it’s commercial etc. I finally came to the conclusion, that this is just a… Continue reading

when bad thoughts attack…

Sincerely, S.

lemon juice…

From the collection of lemons at http://www.whenlifegivesyoulemons-not.com/ … Sincerely, S.

terrible burden…

Sincerely, S.

at least my cat loves me…


Sincerely, S.

Jazzu and Leon Somov…

I am proud to present these talented musicians from Lithuania… Breath taking electronica, inspiring pop simplicity, and unexpected jazz variations all mixed for a good measure and spiced up by warm and sensual… Continue reading

a hug? anyone?

  Some days just feels like this…. Sincerely, S.

when it’s time to let go….

  When you know it’s time to move on and part from someone really really dear to you, I think it is very scary and sad to realize that you both can actually… Continue reading

great love

…all you need is ONE.

At this moment there are 6,532,571,692 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just not facing the… Continue reading

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