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There, I said it…

Some honesty through cuteness…;) Sincerely, S.    

Carli Davidson…

Today I stumbled upon an fantastic photographer, who’s pictures just brightened up my day=) A photographer with whom I share the love for animals and I am amazed by the work with them!=)… Continue reading

Happy Easter everybody!=)

Hi everybody! I just wanna do a quick shout out, while I’m having a break between eating too much today and say HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYBODY!! May your Eggs be colorful and strong…=))… Continue reading

Things to say….

another bash of things that popped in my head=) I hope you’ll like it…and stay tuned for more…=) Few songs of the day… 1, 2, 3 Sincerely, S.

Diving Dogs…by Seth Casteel

Little something I found on designmilk again and wanted to share since it is absolutely adorable! And a bit scary…but mostly adorable=)) The reason why I chose this artist and this photos are… Continue reading

The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation…

I am an animal lover, big time! I grew up with pets in my home always. Even though at the moment my two furry friends are a fat black cat and a never… Continue reading

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