The Best Pessimist….

The Best Pessimist – is a one-man-band project of the Ukrainian musician and composer Sergey Lunev. His music is a lovechild of genres like post-rock, ambient, idm. Piano driven atmospheric musical landscapes may… Continue reading

The Secret….

It is scientifically proven that thoughts form reality. Our brain sends out vibe into universe and then law of attraction is at work. Depends on the vibes you send out, what you will… Continue reading

Natalie Dee…

One of my favorite artist, that fascinated me with the simplicity and originality of her art is Natalie Dee. I believe many of you saw her work all over internet, more then once,… Continue reading

Some things about me….

Before I start posting, I would like to tell a bit about myself, because then you can get the idea what my post will be about… I like making gifts, I think I… Continue reading