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Jobs me would like to have…

I don’t remember who said that, but it goes something like this “choose a job that you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life…”. Wise words that I… Continue reading

Me love Instagram!

I’m sure by now, there’s barely a person who doesn’t know Instagram…with over 4 million signed up users all over the world, this is one of the most used photo editing and sharing… Continue reading

Steak and BJ day…

Well dear readers…I was congratulating you with Valentine’s day, with Women’s day…I guess it’s time to pay some attention to guys=) “Welcome to steak and blow job day. Simple, self explanatory and effective… Continue reading

Facts about Cats…

As always, my morning starts as well as my day ends with my furry bestie=) Adorable  creature with endless love to you just for a bowl of food=)) I was more of a… Continue reading

Sanmusone’s Blog on Facebook…

I just want to announce, that finally this Blog has official page on Facebook! Better later than never right?=) To follow the updates and a some extra additions, that not manage to travel… Continue reading

Happy International Woman’s Day dear ladies!

I was raised in a country where Woman’s day was very big and special occasion…I miss that now living in the country where they don’t celebrate pretty much anything, any occasion is just… Continue reading

iPad 3 latest news…

Live from Apple new iPad event today, reporting Mashable blog, one of the best sites for news on technology etc.=) Here’s what they report… Apple raised the curtains on its latest star products… Continue reading

Original gifts…

Hey everyone! Today I want to introduce small but absolutely cute and funny gift ideas on different occasion… Found it on, a place filled with cool stuff, but today these few things… Continue reading

iBlend….cool new app for photography!

Ok, so this is what happened as my first experiment with iBlend, who I just purchased few minutes ago…I love it! Instagram for iPhone was my favorite photography app so far, but now… Continue reading

iPad 3 !

Yep yep yep me looking very much forward for this fabulous piece coming out, and from the rumors…it is going to be fabulous! So I want to share more of those rumors with… Continue reading

Music doze for the day…

Few more sets, that hopefully will cheer you up through the day…It’s magical day, an extra day of Leap year…good things happen during it and I really wish you all many magical and… Continue reading

Actors portraits…

Ok, so the Oscars have passed…But the actors and movies will continue enrich our lives =) I found today some beautiful portraits of them and decided to share… The images are found on… Continue reading

More Oscars…Posters!

Here is some of previous Oscars posters…there’s 47 of them. I share few I liked most, which are your favorites? If you’re interested, press here…=) Sincerely, S.

There’s a little bit of the movies in all of us…

Here is some treats from Oscars that are coming in few hours…It truly did make me feel the movies in me=) There’s 64 pictures there, all worth seeing, to do that – press… Continue reading

You Me and Charlie…

Another site, that I adore and visit daily… – You Me and Charlie. It is created by the lovely, gorgeous, talented and fabulous by all means Dianna Agron. Big thank you to her… Continue reading

Design Milk…

One of my favorite websites, all about modern design – Design Milk ! It is run by Jaime Derringer. Their goal is to bring you what’s fresh and new in art, architecture, interior design,… Continue reading

Randy Charles music….

I sadly don’t really have that much time recently posting as much as I want, but I do have veeeeryyy long list of things coming up and trust me , you should be… Continue reading

Word Pillows…

One more very nice gift idea or home decoration idea…Need some LOVE? maybe a SMILE? ASPIRATION? Well, you can sleep on them=) Something that I believe will brighten up any home and any once… Continue reading

Cookie Jar…

Introducing original and delicious treat made at home=) Originaly it is called Valentines Cookie Jar…But since Valentine’s day has passed last week, I decided this can be any day Cookie Jar=) Here is… Continue reading

Society 6…

If you remember, in one of my posts I presented a brilliant artist Ludovic Jacqz. Well here is a bit more of brilliant artists for you to get their work or simply inspiration….… Continue reading

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