Shows to add to watching list

It’s been a while since something very good new has come out in the land of TV series, at least in my opinion, so stumbling upon two new great shows made me wanna share, together with some older once that I haven’t mentioned yet.

All shows are filled with great actors and the plot and humor in them are timeless, even if it might seem cheesy at times. Some shows are filled with legends, I mean who doesn’t remember Tim the Tool-man Taylor from “Home Improvement” or the unbelievable and super fantastic Robin Williams, that I have missed for a while. Even Sarah Michelle Gellar is back in her best form – comedy. Also, Michael J. Fox is back! And he is as fabulous as ever=)

So choose and enjoy your time with a little bit of laughter, fashion and overall great entertainment=)

The Crazy Ones

The Michael J. Fox Show

Last Man Standing


Carrie Diaries

Doesn’t match the story of Carrie from real Sex and The City, still, it is fascinating, colorful and fun version to watch, specially if you miss SATC as badly as me…Plus AnnaSophia Robb is simply perfect for the role, she is perfect young Carrie, same fabulous, bubbly, perfect shape with that timeless spark in the eyes=)

Men at work

Hart of Dixie

Lost Girl

Royal Pains