I have a huge huge weakness for pretty stuff, oh wow it sounded so girly! I’m even ashamed…but I think it’s the best way to describe it=) And different than most girls, I am not a shoe addict, I’m more a home beauty investor, so finding shops to fulfill my addiction is one of the happiest thing for me! Now I just have to keep wishing for bigger apartment, cause mine is running out of ways to change or decorate it..=)

Ikea is my Meka! I absolutely love it, it has so much beauty and ideas in it, and what’s best – they are all so affordable! So I can change my interior much more often, change it completely, it won’t be painful to let old things go, neither for me nor for my wallet…But Ikea is best for main background – small, special details are collected from other places. In my case, it’s mostly Antique shop right down my street. But today I came across another holy place for me, where I wanted to have it all! So I’m sharing=)

Riverdale is a company from Netherlands, that was founded in year 2006. It’s a dynamic international company, with around 100 workers and a product line updated every 6 months. Every six months, their original approx. 1200 product collection is updated adding around 350 new products, so there is a big variety to choose from and also something to look forward twice a year.

To me their design seemed so cozy, vintage, elegant and simple but at the same time fascinating and very very practical. It has wide enough assortiment to style your entire home still leaving space to add peaces to it again and again. I was very excited and wanted it all, feeling like a kid in a candy shop! (ah who am I kidding, I am still always a kid when I go into a candyshop) Their site is filled with tips and tricks, it oozes style and beauty, inspiring you to redecorate=)

I suggest you to check out this beautiful brand and maybe find it in your area, I am sure you won’t regret it=) Visit their website for more info.