Well the X-Factor Australia is in week 5 and only 8 of them is left, but thank god my three winners are still on and I hope they still be on till the end. After that, even though I am hoping for Dami Im to win (cause she is just out of this world and beyond fantastic),  if all three of my acts are in finals it actually doesn’t even matter who wins, but I hope they will all get recording contracts as they deserve it so much!

The other two favorites of mine since very first moment I’ve seen them are – Jiordan Tolli and Third Degree.

Jiordan, the sweetness cat lover vowed everyone with the song “People helping people” in her first audition. This was her first public appearance ever and now she is in finall 8, going strong and delivering every single week flawlessly. She has very unique and beautiful voice, and a warming and lovely personallity to back it up, so goooood luck Jiordan! I’m crossing fingers for you! I hope you’ll make it at least to finall 3!=)

Thirs degree took a while to be seen as they were put together by the judges only 5 weeks ago. Even though it seemed like the most uncompactable group, and you could see how they were in shock when they heard the decision, somehow they made it work and honestly, as Foo said, they are the best group now in the world, at least for me they are the most interresting one and I am ussually not a fan of groups, of any kind….Third Degree made me like groups! They are 3 very different and very interresting personalities, each very talented and they look super professional and entertaining on the stage every week. I hope they will make it to the final 3 along with Jiordan and Dami too, so good luck to them!=) oh and also, Niki Minaj – move aside! Kelabek is in tha house!

To know more about them, visit their pages on the x-factor website, but for now, the videos will say it all…see their journey and enjoy!=)