Iconic Friday the 13th…

Hello my dears, here it has come again, the beautiful Friday 13th…a day when you can blame all your awkwardness and clumsiness on the day. A day when you appreciate your black cat more and a day with plenty movies celebrating it=)

While I’m on a bed rest from flu (autumn season greetings), I decided to go through the marathon of Halloween movies and Nightmare on Elm Street, as these two are my favorite. I think of this day as a preparty for Halloween, so You should not waste this opportunity to do something else than just drinking on a Friday night….celebrate it, this doesnt come too often=)

BUT be carefully! And watch your back muahahahaha….

Here’s a small list of movies to choose from today (it’s basics of mostly big franchises, it’s up to you which part to choose) :

1. Friday the 13th

2. Nightmare on Elm Street

3. Child’s Play

4. Halloween

5. Poltergeist

6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

7. The Exorcist

8. The Amityville Horror

9. Frankenstein

10. The Shining

11. The Omen

12. Hellraiser

13. Silence of the Lambs


and a little something from nowadays