Dami Im…

dami im

I have to start this post with simply saying OMG – Wow! After watching the first live show of this years X-factor Australia, the whole show just changed and even without finishing watching it till the end I had to make this post.

As I mentioned before in post about Matt Gresham, this years show has many amazing talents and even though sadly most of my favorites did not get through, now I am totally pumped and eager to see new episodes which will not come fast enough!

This girl, this 24 year old girl – Dami Im – who looks like a goofy Japanese cartoon character, with kinda weird personallity, is the biggest wow factor so far. She is clearly a split personality and one of those was waiting to be discovered and allowed to show itself and here it is! On the very first audition of this girl, I really was sceptical as they showed the “about her” part, she didn’t seem serious. As her mentor Dannii said, she really looked and still does look most of the time like she wondered on the stage by accident, all lost, confused and out of place…They showed her and her husband and I expected it to be one of those X-factors funny moments, where she is going to make complete full of herself, but damn, how wrong was I…Seriously – split personality! When she sings, her whole body posture, face, voice, personality – everything changes…suddenly she becomes mature, serious, and after the makeover – world class superstar!

I was a fan of her since that first audition, just somehow still didn’t take her seriously and didn’t think she will go far, simply because of her cute and childlike personality, it still seemed a little bit like a joke…But it is never and in no way a joke once she sings and I am super glad she got to the live shows! No one better to replace Matt than her.

I am still huge fan of Jiordan Tolli, but now I am also super cheering for Dami Im cause she finally finally made me look at her seriously, her first live performance was mind blowing! The style fits her perfectly, the voice was spot on and the energy the performance and interaction…o wow, simply wow…and thats with a song that she has never heard before!

So watch out Australia, you are witnessing something spectacular, and no matter what, I believe Dami will be international superstar with very unique style and music. And if she wins, that would me more than fair! Good Luck Dami!!!=)

Enjoy her journey and prepared to be amazed!=)

and the million dollar worth performance…twice! just cause its so good=)

goosebumps week after week…

and after week…delivering to the absolute top each week=)

something felt a little bit off this week, but it seemed like it’s a songs fault, Dami is no less spectacular and true star, I hope this one will not interrupt her way to the winning…Go Dami! We support you!=)

I love this song, I just hate that Miley is singing it and ruining with that hideous hammer licking and naked swinging….finally the beautiful lyrics got justice with the right voice and delivery=) Go Dami!=)

My winner, I hope Australia’s too!

She won!!! Justice is served! Dami Army all the way! Congratulations!!!!