The Piano Guys…

Our vision is to create music and videos that inspire & uplift. Whatever we do, we put our heart and souls into every note and frame…

Thats the opening line on their site and it is the best representation of themselves there could be. I just stumbled upon these guys by accident browsing youtube and was simply fascinated by the beautiful videos and gossebumps giving music! The excitment of creating music is all over their face and body and makes the whole experience even more catchy…

The “guys” come from Utah and it’s a collection of marketing genius, studio engineer, pianist and cellist. They combined their passion for music and film by creating music/videos and sharing them with the world. They say they started getting the inspiration simply from life and nature and God, which they are firm believers but as their music reached more and more people, the stories that came along with it inspired them to continue their work. They strongly believe that music is a source for happy life and they try to give us all that happiness with their absolutely stunning videos and music combinations.

Honestly, there are many beautiful covers of different songs on youtube if you have the time to browse, but what these guys do, is a wonderful art all around and there’s not much more to say, than that they are superb and I am glad I found them=)

I wish them lost of inspiration to continue their work and looking forward for new beautiful things to come=)

Visit their website, Facebook page and Twitter page as well as the source of it all – Youtube, to see what I am talking about=)

They are also going on US tour so if you have a chance don’t forget to grab a ticket, I bet what they do will sound thousand times even better live!

Now, enjoy!