Matt Gresham…

‘Matt’s music has a soul and energy that captures me every time I see him play’

(John Butler)

Well, it’s been loooong overdue, but I think now is the perfect timing to write about this young gentleman with a standing out voice.

The first glimpse of Matt (24, from Western Australia) I got on last years X-Factor Australia, where he wowed me and everyone else from the very first performance and continuesly did that time after time…It was very devastating to see him go right before the live shows, and even though the reasons were understandable and the judges were right – he had to work on the communication with the audience – it was still very disappointing. I remember watching Matt last year and seeing the small flaws that stopped him from going further, but being so fascinated by his voice and super humble personality, I held my breathe every time during his performance hoping they will give him one more chance to break through and shine away. I knew the show was not for him, but also, the show seemed to need him, cause him leaving took away that originality spark.

He was loosing himself in the music and he made everyone else get lost in that moment of his performance too, and in real life – that’s all that matters. But offcourse that show was about more, and was pushing musicians to be various and jumpy all over the stage and rarely letting the artist stay true to their artistic spirit. It’s all in the name of entertainment so it’s understandable, but therefore such originals as Matt don’t need to go far, they shouldn’t actually, so they wouldn’t forget who they are in the name of entertainment. They do need though to get out on that stage and it takes only one performance to become memorable… Matt was and is memorable.

This year, he came back, and as he said, he was more grounded and ready, everyone could see that. The moments of holding the breath for him to go further started again=)

This years X-Factor has incredible talents, I guess it’s no surprise it get’s better every year, there were also more than one familiar face coming back, but Matt’s was the one that counted. Once again he went all the way to the final 24 but then he decided to leave the show to pursue his solo career. Well this was such a sad news cause once again the spark from the show, even with all the amazing talent that’s still there, became smaller. But as I said before, it would have been such a shame to see Matt loose himself week after week. He knows strongly who he is as an artist and he doesn’t need to compete with anyone, cause he is one and only, there’s no one like him and he is fabulous!

(At least my second favorite Jiordan Tolli is still on the show so far this year=) )

Everything about Matt Gresham is lovable…His piercing blue eyes shine with kindness as well as his mesmerizing smile. When he comes out on stage with or without the guitar it just seems like a ball of good and peaceful energy came out and then he starts to sing…His tone is so soft and beautiful, a little bit similar to William Fitzsimmons (who’m I love), but still very unique, and it just captivates you, whispers a story to your ear and makes you feel it with your soul…

Matt has released 3 albums already on his own and has done hundreds of gigs, some including with such stars as Ben Harper and John Mayer. Music is his life and his music makes other people’s (like mine) life happier, so I hope he will never stop and will achieve all the greatness that he deserves.

So, from me, as one of the loyal fans, I wish you Matt to never run out of inspiration and the good energy that’s soooo contagious! Lot’s of great moments for you in the music world and great achievements that you more than deserve in this industry….Oh, and Matt, congratulations on tying the knot!=)

To see more of Matt, visit his website, Facebook, Twitter and iTunes.

Now enjoy few of the beautiful sound moments from Matt=)