Griffin House new album ‘Balls’

griffin house new album

I am super duper excited to announce, that the long awaited Griffin House is back with a new album!!! A while ago I wrote about his Kickstarter project to raise money for the new album. Luckily the project was highly succesfull reaching even more than planed and now the album is ready and out. It is perfectly on time for my birthday, so I was unbelievably excited to receive an emeil first thing in the morning of my special day with the link to download the album even before it came out officialy. Thank you thank you Griffin for making my special day even more special!;)

Offcourse I already listen through the album and as I expected it is beautiful. The music is easy and sweet to listen to. It is calming and cheering at the same time with few extra charming songs that just make you wanna sing along and hum even after they end (Go Thru It; Real Love Can’t Pretend; The Passage). The lyrics are as always so beautiful and meaningful, you can feel him singing from a heart and that makes the music so honest and wonderful. I absolutely Love the album and I did not expect anything less than that when I first heard he’s coming back to music industry.

I really hope it’s not the last album of Griffin! Sending him my big love and support and wishing him this album to be succesfull way back into the life of music that he so belongs to! Great Job Griffin!=)

Get his album you won’t regret it. If you weren’t a fan before it’s time to become one! Get his new album called “Balls” on iTunes, on his websiteFollow him on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

And here are few live versions of songs from the new album, enjoy!


and few oldies goodies, just because they are always so lovely to hear=)