And the winner is…

and the winner is james arthur

Finally and sadly, the X-Factor fever is done for this year, 2 out of 3 was exactly what I hoped! So I could not be more happy and excited!

This post is about the X-Factor UK and the winner is the person I showed my strong support from very first second I saw him on that stage – James Arthur. Hip Hip Hurray to that! I was worried for a while there, when Rylan kept going further in the competition, I was really scared that people will make a Joke and a wrong person will win, but no! The justice was served this time around… Even though the show had many fantastic people and some of them are especially unforgettable, James was always the one standing out most, and making me have tears and goosebumps every time he sang. I saw the same effect on many people to whom I introduced James, so congratulations James! You won it faire and square!=)

The runner up was the fantastic Jahmene Douglas, he truly deserved his spot till the very end, but I think winning would have ruined him, he is not a simple recording artist, his voice is too amazing for that, it would fade away in a recording. I believe Jahmene belongs on the biggest stages of the world, with big choir supporting him, wearing those elegant suits and singing his heart out with a voice that only live, shows its true power. So I have no doubt he has a huge future ahead of him in music, talent like that won’t be forgotten. But James is all round artist, that writes, creates music, has his own unique, already found style, has amazing voice, that won’t be mixed with anyone else’s and most of all, has a wonderful heart that adds that very special spice to his music, every single time. That’s a man with love to music so strong, that it catches on instantly on others too.

I also want to mention the other great artist that should not be forgotten, like Melanie Mason, Kye Sones and Christopher Maloney. Christopher also deserved to go far, because he has an amazing voice, but for me it was a voice for theater, Broadway shows and most of all Disney movies. I don’t know what it is about his voice, but somehow it sounds so kind, powerful and perfect on a Disney fairy tale soundtrack. Union J has also come along way, they trully developed and became very strong band, although the throw in newbie, I think is not necessary for them…and in general, I thought from the first day that Jaimy Hensley could go solo, he has the strongest and really great voice and seems like most mature one, I think he can be a big star, with most potential out of all of them. Sadly he came out “of the closet” recently breaking so many girls hearts, cause I know I had at least small crush on him too, but so it happens that world’s most handsome and awesome men, usually turn out to be gay, it’s unfair that basically men get it all, including best men=) But I think he is super, for being true to himself, and I wish him and the band all the best.

In the finals, James one with Shontelle’s song “Impossible”, that is catchy on its own, but James version was just so much better and was playing on repeat for few days now in my home. The nicest thing about this single, besides that it’s already at the top of the downloads charts, is that all the profit will go to organization  Together For Short Lives, marking the first time ‘The X Factor’ winner’s single will be in aid of a charity. You can get the album here.

About his future album James says

“There may well be an explicit content sticker on my album. Music is very important and special to me. I want it to be very truthful and honest and I want people to be able to relate to it. My album will be about love and life and pain and my experiences, which many people can relate to. A lot of the songs will be about positivity and getting through struggles. Without a doubt the album will be self-penned, I’ve got material I’ve accumulated over the last ten years that I’m going to put down in the basic form. I’m going to lay down albums and albums worth of music and then it’s all about picking the best 12 tracks and getting the right people involved.”

He even might do something together with Jahmene someday, and even if it would be just for fun, I am sure it would be amazing.

One of the first things James wants to do, now going into the fame circle, is to fix his teeth, and it was always obvious how it was for him an issue, but I think this is one of his signs of being exceptional. Anyone can have a set of pearls these days, just have a good dentist, but it’s the flaws, that makes us different and unique and they should be accepted. Whatever makes you happy James though, that’s the perk of being a winner, you get to do what you always wanted, but didn’t had the possibilities…so enjoy your new life to the fullest!=)

I am definitely looking very forward for his album coming out, till then I’ll enjoy his old album with his band (hopefully the band won’t go away anywhere) and his X-Factor path music.

And now, one final big big congratulations to James and here’s his journey to the wining, best, or better to say, my favorite, moment of it enjoy!=)

(goosebumps on long note…)

and a little extra…