Liam Howard a.k.a William Howard

So here’s updates on the gifted William Howard…

Now it’s Liam Howard

First of all, he shortened his name making it into Liam, which I have to agree sounds very cool and commercial, so – nicely done!=) If anyone of you followed him before on Facebook, you probably noticed that lately that account doesn’t really exist anymore and that’s also name related, so, to not miss out on anything, here’s fresh links to were to find this amazing voice=)

Facebook, TwitterWebsite, Youtube.


“Buy a song, save a life…”

Secondly, since the last time I wrote about him, he released few great covers and one of them is for a great cause. “Buy a song, save a life…” a project mentioned in my previous post is finally on the go. When you purchase his new cover of Leonard Cohen “Hallelujah“, exact 50% of the profits go to Compassion International and their effort to provide clean, safe drinking water around the world. So you not only get a great song, you also make a change in the world, with what may seem a small step, but actually so crucial one, saving so many lives, so don’t hesitate=)

The event for that is on Facebook and the song is on iTunes.


Finally, the showcase in New York, that maybe some of you helped to happen, went really great and even though it is not unveiled yet, the outcome of it, I heard it’s very good, so stay tuned…=)

Finally, here’s few new songs from him…I do, every time hearing his voice, realize that I forget how good it is…but it’s very pleasant surprise each time=) So enjoy!=)