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I just finished watching the Halloween episode of one of my shows and I remembered I haven’t shared few good once with you yet. They are quite new, but also quite far in already, for you to have plenty to catch up=) And if you, like me, hate waiting week by week for new episode to come out, catching up on seasons already released is what me like=)

Ok so I’ll start from two mysterious, fairy tale based once and move on to three funny once, with many stars in them. If you know these shows already, don’t hesitate to share your opinion, if you don’t, well then I just hope this will be useful for you=)


First started watching with skepticism, just because all other shows where on vacation and I needed something to watch while having breakfast. Did not expected to like it but I did! I was always a fan of Brothers Grimm fairytales and I truly loved this version of the story. The actors are great, the plot is great, each episode is a different story and most of all – the costumes are great! I really love the transformations, they are done very inventive and soooo beautifully =) I’m second season in, which is even more so exciting than the first was, so I really hope this is not the last season. My absolute favorite character is Monroe, who is a Blutbad, the actor is brilliant and always makes my day with his appearance=)

Check out yourself and decide if it’s something for you=)

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Once Upon A Time

One more fairytale Tv Show, in this one, everything goes, from Pinokio to Mulan and many more. They have Dragons and Trolls and even Captain Hook. Can’t say I am in love with this show, I definetly like Grimm more, but I still keep watching this. I like the stories and the characters, I love the idea of real life mixing up with magical existence. I think the part that kinda ruins it for me is few actors or characters that in my opinion should be a bit different. I am not a fan of one of the main actresses Emma and I definitely don’t like Charming, but all in all, this is interesting and enchanting show to see, specially for fairy tale lovers, since each episode you’ll see a fairytale you already know but will definitely learn something new. And the evil queen, is either really evil or the actress is super good at her job=)

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Up All Night

And now to the fun once. You probably all know Married With Children, classic true classic Tv Show, I grew up with, was my very favorite and I still till this day often recap with it. The jokes  there are timeless, something like Simpsons. And even though Pumpkin a.k.a Kelly from that show is an adult for a very long time now and has done many shows and movies, she will always be that Pumpkin to me. I missed her on TV therefore I was very excited finding out that there’s a show with her coming out. That show is Up All Night, where she plays a mom and a wife, that wasn’t ready to become one and even after baby, she tries to keep her cool. The show is very entertaining and funny, the actors team is amazing, it includes stars like Maya Rudolph (from Bridesmaids), Will Arnett and off course the sweetness Christina Applegate. Really great to see a committed, loving family on TV but with witty and entertaining issues, instead of sad dramas. For me, this show is a great addition to breakfast, it gives you the light healthy doze of humor to start the day with a smile=)

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Happy Endings

Wasn’t sure what to expect from this one, but too many known names where included in this show for me not to try it out, so I did. This show has Elisa Cuthbert, Damon Wayans Jr., Eliza Coupe, Zachary Knighton, Casey Wilson and Adam Pally. I think it was meant to be somewhat replacement for the legendary Friends, and even though it does not fulfill the shoes, it is truly hilarious TV Show, with a bunch of original characters and stupid but funny jokes. I like a lot the new version of Gay character – it’s not groomed and fashionista as in basically all the other shows, this one is rather typical male not that far away from cave men in evolution. This is a story of weird group of 6 friends ending up in hilarious situations, most of them created by themselves. Truly worth checking out=)

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New Girl

Now last, but not least, my favorite of the bunch and in general. I have mentioned before in the She and Him post how huge of a fan I am of Zooey Deschanel. I love her to bits! She is fantastic, gorgeous, hilarious and weird, there’s nothing not to like about her! Well all of that is now in a show, plus 4 additional characters to love. Zooey said she could play Jess (on the show) forever, because that’s who she is, and I honestly could watch it forever. The show is very funny, makes me wanna move to USA and find an apartment with 3 guys, although I think the possibility to get so lucky finding what Jess found is extremely small. Still, the show is full of love, jokes, friendships, fashion and so much more. I am excited every week for a new episode to come out and I hope there’s many more of them to come. And I still think at the end, or at some point, Nick and Jess will get together, they kinda have to…=)

Definitely check it out!=)

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