3D by Ramon Bruin…

Came across today some stunning images that truly trick your eyes and brain, still can’t figure out how it is possible to make them! Well probably for a person like me who can’t even draw a straight line without photoshop it is not meant to understand…an it leaves me even more amazed=)

A Netherlands based artist, Ramon Bruin, who’s speciality is airbrushing, amazed the world with popping out of paper images. They are 3D pencil sketches, that look so realistic, that it’s unbelievable it’s only sketches!

Trying photo-realism was just another way for me to push my boundaries and add another technique to my portfolio….

A 31-year-old Ramon graduated from Airbrush Academy in Netherlands, but besides the skills for that, he can also paint and draw with acrylic, oil, water paints, charcoal, paint pens, pencils and graphite. Despite the academic skills, he is mostly self taught and constantly pushing himself to try out something new, to become even more versatile and create kicking ass images. After graduation, he created JJK Airbrush in 2010 that specializes in all-round airbrush designs.

What makes his mind tricking images even more exciting, they all have personality and some of them gothic like vibe. The black crows and snakes jumping out of paper becomes truly alarming.

I think he is absolutely fantastic! One to remember =)

To see more of Ramon, visit his website, Facebook, Twitter.

And here’s some of his work…enjoy!