X-Factor Australia 2012

Ok so one more post (not the last though, sorry) about the X-Factor. This time about my absolute favorite. Even though UK has so many great talents this year, but undoubtedly Australia’s show kicks ass to any show around the world. They are fantastic from head to toe….I love all of the judges, even the mean Mel B, they are all really great people and great professionals, who know what they are doing all the time. The stage is always fantastic, truly making a spectacular show. They have great presenter with smile bigger than his face… They have the coolest guests performing, like The Script, Lupe Fiasco, Rita Ora, Birdy and many more. Finally and most important, all of the acts from the auditioning to now live shows are fantastic and all worth being there. Sadly some of my beloved once didn’t get through, some already left after few eliminations, but my most most favorites are still there and every week it takes my breath away hoping they won’t go anywhere.

Just finished watching the 5th live finals, now will be avoiding internet so I wouldn’t find out till tomorrow who got into bottom. Whoever would go, would be sad, except one – Shiane Hawke. I think it was time for her to go a while ago, but I guess people like her, probably because she’s a cute child, but it’s not an act I wanna see every week. The biggest transformation is with Jason Owen, he becomes more and more cool every week, and even though I am not such a fan of his vocals anymore, as I was on first audition, I am a fan of his, cause he is really interesting “butterfly”, I wonder how much more will come out of it…=)

Few acts I think still haven’t found their element, even though they have fantastic, fantastic voices, they didn’t find suiting music style to the voices, but I am sure they’ll get there. By this I mean Nathaniel and Bella. I think Bella is another Florence and the Machine, but off course unique one and there can never be too many of artists like that, huge fan of Florence and huge fan of Bella from the very first audition. I just wait for the day when she’ll accept how fantastic she is and will start doing her thing, fully her own thing, I bet it’s gonna be brilliant. And Nathaniel, oh Nathaniel….he is like no one else. His voice tone is nothing like I’ve heard. Usually you can compare voices, just not this one. The beautiful thing is, that he is such a humble, lovely, sweet person, when his voice actually makes you expect someone over confident and over sexy. He barely made through to the show, but thank God, well, actually judges, he did, cause it would be damn shame to miss out on him…. My biggest crush – Nathaniel melting hearts each week=)

Off course there’s also Sammy…the lovely, tiny little ray of sunshine, the music industry is insane for not signing her till now! Killer vocals, with wide range, super hot presence and very likable, kind personality. If she won’t make it, I don’t know who can…would be absurd.

There’s also the band that was throw in together out of solo artist who didn’t make through. It was such a clever idea, they seem like they have been together for ages, and they rock the stage, blowing everyone away each week. Putting together five hot guys, each with great vocals and bringing something new to the table, it can’t go wrong….

All of the acts are great on the show, also the 3 brother and one “adopted brother” group Fortunate, who brings sexy back each week, and Angel Tupai, who’s voice is one of those legendary, no doubt about that….But at the end there can be only one winner and it’s not always about the voice, specially not on X-Factor. For me there is more than one winner, but despite Angel’s voice, she’s not someone I would buy records of, she is not my winner.

So there you go, each chooses for their own reasons who they like, and in this post, I say that I respect all of the acts, but I present what I liked most…It’s few performances of each act, to get an idea about the artists…Enjoy!=)

Bella Ferraro

Nathaniel Willemse

Samantha Jade

The Collective

(don’t care judges comments, I loved it)



The once that left too early…

Justin Standley

Matt Gresham

(I missed him a lot on the live shows, looking forward for his album)