Erin McCarley….

Accidentally came across a beautiful song today that lead me to great artists, giving me so missed new songs to my playlist=)

Erin McCarley (born January 8, 1979 in Garland, Texas) is an alternative music singer-songwriter. McCarley currently calls Nashville (Tennessee) home, but she cut her musical teeth in San Diego, where she’d moved after college at Baylor University to pursue a life that did not feature music at its center. It was during this bout that McCarley met producer/writer/keyboardist Jamie Kenney (the rare partner she felt 100 percent comfortable with), and the two began honing the songs that would make up “Love, Save the Empty”. Erin released her follow up to 2009’s “Love, Save the Empty” on August 28th, 2012, titled “My Stadium Electric”.

I like the beautiful “sweet tasting” melodies and voice, I also love the lyrics, specially in the song “Re-Arrange again”, which is on repeat at the moment in my home. All of her songs hit you deep on emotional level and her music is something to hum to, just loosing yourself full into it. Erin is gorgeous girl with great voice, there’s nothing not to like about her=)

This is an artist worth watching, so go to her website, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, also, get her music on iTunes.

And now, enjoy the music! This is only few of her songs, don’t hesitate to explore the rest=)