X-Factor USA

Ok so I’m coming to the other shows finally too, but sadly, this one, from USA is highly disappointing. I actually was not willing to watch it anymore after first few episodes as everything about it is just sooooooo wrong. Last year they kicked of the first season so amazing, with so many great people in it and great judges, it made me fall in love with the show and added new artists to my playlist, like Chris Rene and Josh Krajcik, Leroy Bell. This year sadness started when it was revealed Paula was let go from the show. I was NOT excited about Britney Spears and Demi Lovato joining the team, even though I have big respect to Demi. And so the shows kicked off and the magic was gone. First of all, there wasn’t really any catchy contestant coming in, the show was more about the dramas behind, about people fighting, cursing, fainting, people coming out with wedding dresses and no talent, it was a sad sad show, I did not connect at all with it. What made the show even worse, was Britney, who is completely not fitting in and her facial expressions are just unbearable to watch. I used to be fan back in the day of her, I think everyone was more or less, the marketing on her was working well, but today, I think after all she’s been through, this show is simply not healthy for her. She seemed literally sick and unhappy all the time, she did not give constructive criticism and she was annoying. Sorry Britney, but really, she and Demi was very wrong choice for the show. I also didn’t like that they allow kids from 13 years. I believe they are too young, even though with big voices, but who better if not Britney or Demi know how hard at this age it is to go into stardom without the possibility to be simply a child. Their personalities are not strong yet and their voices will change…and if I would want a Disney show I would watch a Disney channel. I could go on and on about whats wrong this year, but I think I will have enough haters already, so I’m stopping=)

By a push of a friend though I did get through all the auditions, mainly because finally, there  came few names that stand out, out of which one is now my very beloved artist and I am trying to put enough information about him to make a separate post, though it’s not that easy as he is not very much out there to be found. When it came to judges houses, finding out that Justin Bieber (really??) is one of guest mentors, as well as Marc Anthony, it kinda killed it completely. I was literally forced to watch the show, doing my best to ignore the horrible choices to bring in as guests. Anyway, I survived through it all, through bad Britney style and awful grimaces, through Bieber and the obnoxious and arrogant L.A Reid who was acting unprofessional and outrageous towards, actually, my favorite group of all the show, killing their self confidence. And now I am presenting the few people that I admire and that are the only saving of the show for me. Till now almost all of them got to judges houses (1 didn’t;/) and if they will go further I will be cheering for them in the live shows, if not, there’s no way the painful version of this years show is worth wasting time on…

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, maybe you have other favorites, maybe these will inspire you to look for more of america’s contestants, however, these are the once that stood out for me, there are more great voices, but these were great personalities too… so enjoy, and maybe support them, if they will win you over too=)

Lyric 145

They were put together and it was an awesome choice. The girl is clearly a star, but the two brothers was the missing piece to complete her and the threesome is kicking ass now! I’m a fan for sure!=)

Here’s how it started out….

David Correy

I guess it’s not a surprise he became probably the most known already from this show. He has the full package, he has a story, he has the looks, he has the voice and he has heart. At some times I get a bit scared that he is becoming a bit too much of himself or too much of the character to attract people, but still, every time he pulls in and makes you love him and I believe he has great road ahead of him…=)

That’s how it started…


Tate Stevens

Fell in love with his pure, clean, beautiful voice, on top of that it’s just simple and lovable personality, I hope he will go further, they need a country and this voice on the show, they definitely do=)

That’s how it started…

Jeffrey Adam Gutt

Well now this one, was the one that did not get through, and I really think he will. He was one of the main reasons I stick to the show, I think he deserved that chance so much and it is so disappointing, he did not get it. But with a voice like that and beautiful soul, I really hope, he will not stay unnoticed and if I will be able to help, I will….Good luck to you Jeffrey and please please don’t give up! You are fantastic!

Here’s his journey…

and a bit extra…


Vino Alan

Now this one is my favorite! Crossing all my fingers for him each week, I am very surprised he didn’t make it on his own till now, it’s an truly amazing, unique, strong voice, and the looks, the ruff looks, are inviting to find out what hides behind it. I think he is such a honest and kind soul and you can see how much he wants this, he is prepared, he waited for it and this should be his time! I am trying to get more about him, and it’s annoying that I didn’t till now, but I am huge huge fan and I truly hope to be able to buy his record someday, he has to make it! Go Vino!!!=)


Here’s his journey….

and a bit extra…song in my favorites list…love it! “once you lie to me – shame on you, twice you lie to me – shame on me too…”